Our expert services include:


Consultation, acquisition, installation, upgrades, and repair

We take the time to learn your goals, challenges, and budget, to help you make informed, long-term decisions about this key part of your business. Our acquisition department provides quick delivery of computers and software and our repairs are fast and affordable because we get it right the first time.


Design, implementation, security/protection, troubleshooting

Lochworks can help protect your precious data from viruses, hacking, and other cybercrimes that could cripple your operation. And our networking expertise helps create an easy-to-manage system with only minimal downtime, whether you need two workstations or two hundred.


Connectivity, e-mail, web

If time is money, your current connectivity solution may be costing you plenty. Lochworks can evaluate your current connectivity and make long-term recommendations to help your business run at warp speed. We can also provide the latest, most secure e-mail solutions.


Accounting, remote access, anti-virus/anti-spam solutions

For over 18 years, Lochworks has installed, upgraded, and provided support for countless accounting software programs. We can also convert some staff to telecommuting positions, which can dramatically reduce your overhead and increase employee satisfaction.

Telecommuting solutions:

Our telecommuting solutions can help save you money on space, equipment, and supplies. Plus, telecommuting employees report more productivity and increased job satisfaction.

And more:

Complete computer services from planning to implementation to emergency rescue.

Plus… Our remote support capability saves you time, trouble, and money.

We’re affordable, too. Our many years of experience helps keep your IT costs down because we get it right the first time.